Slow Distance Ramblings
Mental Ramblings
Big Week Update – more visual?
March 30, 2017

Things are happening on the fundraising front. I had a reassuring conversation with Dayna from Best Beginnings and she has set a number of ideas into motion. It is the Rotary national conference next weekend and I should get a mention. As part of this I shall either try to be there or shall make […]

Physical Ramblings
LONG LONG WEEKEND (but not as long as planned)
March 27, 2017

Just recovering from a heavy weekend of exercise following a very sinful Friday eating and drinking. I ran a quiz for our local church which was quite successful and a good evening. Aided by four pints of cider and beer. Good humour fuel but not good for athletes!! Despite this I had a good run […]

Mental Ramblings
Inspirational time at Best Beginnings
March 24, 2017

On the train back from London. A very thought-provoking day attending “Out of the Blue” the launch of a series of films to support families through pregnancy and in the first years of life. A couple of these films are very powerful – one called which is a documentary where parents who have experienced mental […]

Mental Ramblings
March 23, 2017

It’s funny how things happen. After my longest run of the year (16 miles) at the weekend this was going to be a quiet week with only a couple of events. Then I responded to some requests for work and am now on my fourth day in London. Well, I suppose it is getting closer […]

Enjoying the Spring – but not in my step!!
March 17, 2017

This is such a late update that it is almost a down-date if such a thing exists. I have been really busy with work for the last couple of weeks and have only just squeezed in my training. But there have been some highlights particularly the longer evenings and the appearance of all the spring […]

Physical Ramblings
How wet can you get?
March 6, 2017

I thought Doris was bad but the Anglesey Half Marathon was even wetter! OK – the weather forecast was entirely correct but having woken to a beautiful sunrise I hoped perhaps they were wrong. As I walked across the Menai Bridge to register it began to spit with rain. Within five minutes it was pouring […]

Physical Ramblings
Four Days out of Five
February 26, 2017

Another week (weak) down!! I am very pleased today. I managed to hit my target despite having to cram all my runs into 5 days as I was working earlier in the week. Susan persuaded me to run on Wednesday when I really did not feel like it but did the Asterley run steady. Thursday […]

Physical Ramblings
Big Weekend Coming
February 18, 2017

Sorry that I have not been about – have been busy working three days and trying to migrate a number of websites and needed a crown reinstalled on an implant!! I have managed a couple of runs this week – s steady run around Shrewsbury after work on Tuesday which was dominated by rush-hour traffic […]

Physical Ramblings
10 mile Shrewsbury loop
February 4, 2017

OK run this afternoon. Mobile leg pain was mobile but fortunately didn’t stick in any one place so ok. Fairly steady – overtaken a couple of times by younger runners but kept going. Slowed (stopped) for look and pic and traffic lights so I prefer the Strava time which takes these off. Lovely afternoon really […]

On the road
February 4, 2017

In January, the National President of Rotary International in Great Britain, Eve Conway asked for a volunteer Rotarian to take part in the London Marathon on behalf of the charity Heads Together for Best Beginnings. As it was very early in the morning and before I was fully awake I volunteered to represent Rotary. I […]