Ramblings from First Class

Well the news (not sure if it is good or bad) is that I am back. I can only apologise for having to take the site down earlier in the year but it was hacked on its previous provider.

I had a very difficult start to the year with some problems with my left knee. I saw a physio who recommended a scan and to take it easy while waiting. The scan showed two tears to the meniscus(es) which meant that Dr B referred me to specialist. The scan also showed moderate osteo-arthritis. I saw the specialist last week who said that although the knee was a mess there wasn’t much he could do and advised exercise and losing weight!! I had hoped he would recommend a regime of sofa, cider and  crisps but no such luck. Seriously it was a relief to know that there was nothing significant and any acute injury had largely healed itself.

So onwards. The Wye Valley Challenge is in 12 weeks and I did a 15.5 mile walk / jog on Sunday. I was stiff afterwards but ok and managed a short run / walk around Hyde Park yesterday evening. I need to increase the frequency of my exercise which will also help with the weight loss.

I am also taking part in the Slateman Sprint on Saturday although I am not attempting the full course on Sunday as I haven’t done anything like enough training. This means that I have also withdrawn from the Deva half-distance triathlon at the beginning of June so if anyone would like a free place just contact me. My other two targets for the year are the Shrewsbury Quad and Sandman Legend in September so hopefully will get some time in on the trainer and on the bike. 

I am aiming to cut down further on work with the main aim being a post-65 Ironman event next year. I am thinking of perhaps doing one abroad (Switzerland?) so if anyone can recommend a reasonably flat one!! I have also entered the ballot for the London Marathon but clearly the odds are against getting a place. 

The other news is that I have treated myself to a GoPro and intend to use it to record some of my runs / rides etc. I shall then include them on this website and also perhaps on Instagram and Twitter.

I also did a talk to a local Men’s Breakfast group that seemed to be very well received although as ever I probably went on too long. If anyone knows a group that would like to be entertained (bored) perhaps I can do my presentation - you will be pleased to know that I do not read off my slides!!

I shall update after the weekend in Llanberis and also try and restore some of the older content in the hope that that may help you make sense of these ramblings.


Keep Plodding