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Physical Ramblings
How wet can you get?
March 6, 2017

I thought Doris was bad but the Anglesey Half Marathon was even wetter! OK – the weather forecast was entirely correct but having woken to a beautiful sunrise I hoped perhaps they were wrong. As I walked across the Menai Bridge to register it began to spit with rain. Within five minutes it was pouring […]

Physical Ramblings
Four Days out of Five
February 26, 2017

Another week (weak) down!! I am very pleased today. I managed to hit my target despite having to cram all my runs into 5 days as I was working earlier in the week. Susan persuaded me to run on Wednesday when I really did not feel like it but did the Asterley run steady. Thursday […]

Physical Ramblings
Big Weekend Coming
February 18, 2017

Sorry that I have not been about – have been busy working three days and trying to migrate a number of websites and needed a crown reinstalled on an implant!! I have managed a couple of runs this week – s steady run around Shrewsbury after work on Tuesday which was dominated by rush-hour traffic […]

Physical Ramblings
10 mile Shrewsbury loop
February 4, 2017

OK run this afternoon. Mobile leg pain was mobile but fortunately didn’t stick in any one place so ok. Fairly steady – overtaken a couple of times by younger runners but kept going. Slowed (stopped) for look and pic and traffic lights so I prefer the Strava time which takes these off. Lovely afternoon really […]