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All Done (or Not?)
April 24, 2017

Just a very quick update to confirm that I managed to complete the Virgin Money London Marathon yesterday. The experience was amazing although I must confess that I spent the last two miles just looking at my feet willing them to keep going, one in front of the other! The crowds were great and so supportive and it took a great deal of will-power to refrain from the jelly babies (non-vegetarian). I was only sorry that I only heard the lady offering bananas at Mile 21 after I had gone by and I didn’t dare turn around.
I was also humbled by the work of all the volunteers, marshals and everyone who supported us as we made our way around the course. Also the other runners were so inspiring – all the charities that were represented particularly the smaller charities and their cheering parties. Not to forget all the costumes – I was overtaken by at least one rhino, a flower, storm-troopers and marines will full packs and a variety of furry animals.
The team at Best Beginnings were amazing, especially Dayna and it was really good to meet Alison at the post-race reception. I was sorry that I missed Eve Conway at mile 3 – I think I must have been on the other side of the road and focused on avoiding colliding with other runners. Apologies.
According to my Garmin I completed the course in 5 hours 5 mins. My only disappointment is that as yet the Virgin tracking system still thinks that I am at 40Km and my final finish time is not yet in the official results. A bit frustrating and I am following it up and hope it does not have an impact on the donations getting to the charity.

Passing Big Ben Slowly

Altogether it was a great day and I am already thinking that I would like to take part again in the future. I don’t feel at all bad today except going up and down stairs so thinking of a gentle run tomorrow – I need to do 4km by the end of the week to hit 100 miles for April. I was able to celebrate last evening – thanks to Phil for the rehydrating cider and to Gemma for a great supper. Thanks too to Susan, Dawn and Pete for coming up to support me and sorry to have missed you at various places!
More later in the week – onwards,

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