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Big Week Update – more visual?
March 30, 2017

Things are happening on the fundraising front. I had a reassuring conversation with Dayna from Best Beginnings and she has set a number of ideas into motion. It is the Rotary national conference next weekend and I should get a mention. As part of this I shall either try to be there or shall make a short video. My head is buzzing with ideas for this and I hope to get it done over the weekend. It will involve several laps of Bromlow Callow!!

I am delighted that I am beginning to get support from former colleagues at Silver Springs Academy and I thank Deborah for sending out my fundraising request. Thank you too to Mel and Jess for their pledges – I very much appreciate your support.

Part of the way through my “big week” with a very hard 4 miles on Monday and then a steady, largely downhill 10 yesterday morning after a change of plans. Distances are much more comfortable now although I am still slightly worried about Sunday and my longest run. I have a plan to be able to do 20 which is a big step-up but will also be a milestone.

I shall try and make this blog more visually interesting with the addition of some images. I run through some beautiful countryside but most of the time my mind is focused on the road a few feet in front of me, especially when going up hills.

I shall update once the “filming” is complete on Saturday!!

Keep plodding,


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