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LONG LONG WEEKEND (but not as long as planned)
March 27, 2017

Just recovering from a heavy weekend of exercise following a very sinful Friday eating and drinking. I ran a quiz for our local church which was quite successful and a good evening. Aided by four pints of cider and beer. Good humour fuel but not good for athletes!!

Despite this I had a good run at lunchtime on Saturday. Despite feeling a bit “icky” I managed to do quite well around my standard 6 mile run. I recorded a time of 1:02 which is about 10:20 miles – very pleasing. Only to discover that my Forerunner would not upload the workout details to Strava so a bit miffed.

During the quiz evening I had agreed with Angus to go for a bike ride in the afternoon. We set off at a steady pace and I realised that cycling uses different muscles than running but breathing on hills is equally as difficult! As it was a lovely evening we went a bit further than initially planned and we both suffered towards the end. Still a reasonable ride and a start towards this year’s target of 2000 miles.

Saturday evening was achy – those different muscles. Added to this we lost an hour due to British summer time and so my plans for a very long run were shelved. Instead, despite thinking I would not get around I managed a steady 8 miles and was pleased with sub-11 minute miles. And I still had energy to clear out the shed in the afternoon.

I must have used all my energy because I was very tired this morning. Despite this I tried a run at lunch-time cross-country via Bromlow Callow. I must have been confused because for the second time running I was halfway around the top for the second time before I realised that I missed the path down. Running down it got very wet but when I finally plodded up through the woods I decided to go a shorter route. What a mistake – flooded and very muddy. So tiring that I had to walk a bit of the hill and did not make it all the way to the top. Very heavy breathing. On the way back I again missed a turning and ended up in even more mud. When I was speaking to Claire from the Best Beginnings team last week in London we discussed our dislike of cross-country running at school and today I remembered why!! Will need to clean the shoes. Running uphill on the road was a relief after all the plodging!!

Looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

On a more worrying note I am beginning to get very concerned about the fundraising aspect of the run. I am not sure that I am going to get the support from Rotary that I anticipated and I feel that I am going to let the charity down.

Lets hope not but in the meantime have a very long week to come culminating in a planned 18-20 miler on Sunday.



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