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March 24, 2017

On the train back from London. A very thought-provoking day attending “Out of the Blue” the launch of a series of films to support families through pregnancy and in the first years of life. A couple of these films are very powerful – one called which is a documentary where parents who have experienced mental health difficulties talked frankly about their needs and the support they received from family and professionals. It is very clear that there is still a tremendous amount of stigma attached to mental illness and the work of the Heads Together charity is invaluable in addressing this issue.

The second film is a drama about a young mother who encounters real difficulties trying to manage the demanding role of being a mother without any real support. The telling point for me was that she was reluctant to share her concerns about her own well-being in case she was perceived as being a poor mother or had her son taken from her. The organizers provided free tissues for the audience and they were needed.

It was also refreshing to heat some “successful” mothers including the Duchess of Cambridge being open about the challenges of being a mother. I have moaned about the loneliness of the slow distance runner but this is very short-lived against the demands of being a mother who is expected to cope with the impact of a mental health condition. As one of the interviewees in the film said – “if you break a leg there is all sort of support” but mental illness is still regarded in some ways a weakness.

The Duchess of Cambridge supports the launch of “Out of the Blue”

End of soap-box!

On a very positive note met three others from the BB team and also the wonderful Dayna and also Eve, the national president of Rotary. Feeling part of something now and it is good to know that others have many of the same concerns as me.

Final training plan written with a couple of very long runs and longish weeks.

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