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March 23, 2017

It’s funny how things happen. After my longest run of the year (16 miles) at the weekend this was going to be a quiet week with only a couple of events. Then I responded to some requests for work and am now on my fourth day in London. Well, I suppose it is getting closer to the course and if I start today I should nearly be finished by the 23RD April!!

As is the way of coincidence, I had to book accommodation for the first three days and the best price was a hotel near Regents Park. This meant that on Monday evening I was plodding the pavements around the outside of the park and then later making up the distance by going around in ever decreasing circles. There were lots of other runners – all going considerably quicker than me but I did manage the “ascent” of Primrose Hill. Sadly I had forgotten my phone so no images which was a shame as the sky over the City was beautiful.

In the evening I found a very good Italian restaurant off St John’s Wood High Street although I am fairly sure that the calzone was not good training food – excused by the fact that I had exercised and the diet could wait for another day. I think if I need to carbo-load before the actual run then this might be the place to do it.

Tuesday involved a trip to Southampton for work and a late finish as I called on family on my way back. Our great niece Sophie had completed a mile-walk at Bushey Park at the age of 2¾. I wish I had started that young – it would not be such hard work now – although that may be the problem with a cider and calzone diet.

I had plans on Wednesday to get up early and repeat my trip to Primrose Hill for sunrise images but the need to read stuff for work together with drizzle meant that I missed this session. I returned home in the afternoon after an early finish. This meant that I was out of the city at the time of the tragic events in Westminster. A terrible price for freedom and democracy as it is the innocent that suffer.

Early start today though as I came back down to London – to Regents Park again to attend the Best Beginnings Out of the Blue launch event. It will be my first chance to meet some of the others on Team BB and I am looking forward to sharing some of the experience. The What’s App feed has been full of some tremendous achievements and staggering amounts of very fast running but at least I shall know who to look out for on the day.

Yesterday I also received my number (14262) and pack for registration for the race and I spent much of this morning reading up on the detail and checking out the advice to runners. I think the best advice for me is just to keep looking forward.

I also spent time looking at my post-marathon training plan (only involves calzone and cider on one night) in preparation for the next few events of the year including the Montgomery Canal triathlon (bike, run kayak(!)) and then the London to Brighton Challenge at the end of May – the second of my “Treble” of fundraising events of the year.

Finally yesterday I had the germ of an idea for my main challenge for next year – it will be called “Challenging the Unions” and I am now thinking around what it will involve.

In the meantime – I shall keep plodding and start making a real effort with fundraising. I shall add to this post later in the day with images etc and these new-fangled hashtags for Best Beginnings so that in the unlikely event that anyone actually reads this you might follow up the great work that they are doing.


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