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How wet can you get?
March 6, 2017

I thought Doris was bad but the Anglesey Half Marathon was even wetter! OK – the weather forecast was entirely correct but having woken to a beautiful sunrise I hoped perhaps they were wrong. As I walked across the Menai Bridge to register it began to spit with rain. Within five minutes it was pouring down and it just did not stop until half-way back home at Corwen although it was clear that there had been snow there instead. So I should be grateful it was just rain.

Sunrise before the rain

I had wet feet within three minutes (the time taken to run back across the bridge) as there were huge puddles and with no room for sudden sideways moves in the crowds it was a case of plodding through. Guess who didn’t bring the waterproof socks!!
The run itself is great, very well organised with closed roads for much of the route. It is very scenic looking out across the straits to the snow covered mountains of Snowdonia and all along the north Wales coast.
The run goes through the town of Barmouth past the “iconic” castle and then the “iconic” lifeboat station – the commentator sadly had dropped into the overuse of this word. I did wonder why the event blue portaloos on the sea front had yet to achieve this status – perhaps no one famous was born in them?
I managed to avoid their charms (too much information?) and enjoyed the run. I took it very easy for the first nine miles running steadily and then, feeling good increased my pace on the return along the closed section with a mad dash downhill for the last mile – 9:20 (yes 9:20!!) and a sprint around to the finish (yes – sprint!).
My time was a couple of minutes slower than last year but given the conditions I am really pleased as I think I would have been able to keep going for quite a long-time. I got the feeding right with energy drink and gels so was really pleased.
It was a really good event with a good spirit and very well organised – a shame about the weather but as Paul g described it on Strava – character building!!
Back to the routine this week and not too impressed with the forecast – I hope my shoes will dry out in time,
Keep plodding,

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