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My name is Alistair Bates and at 63 and over 100kg I am still foolish enough to be taking part in triathlon, cycling and running events.

I took part in some sport in the past but was limited by having to wear glasses. In the late 1980’s I began cycling to work on a regular basis and in 1988 took part in my first triathlon in Weymouth. I completed a few over the next few years but then stopped as I was very busy in my career in special education.

However, in 2009 I suffered a nervous breakdown as the result of an incident at work and I was not able to return to my former employment. After many months hiding from the world I eventually ventured out by walking and cycling. I found that this was something that gave purpose to my life but was also something that I can control.

Years before I had taken part in short-distance triathlons and as I got fitter I decided to take up the sport again. In 2013, 25 years after my first triathlon I successfully completed a half-Ironman length event and ran my first half-marathon.

Heads Together Team with Prince Harry

The following year I completed my first full distance triathlon and have now completed three. I was intending to take a break in 2017 but was persuaded to enter the London Marathon. I completed in a time of just over five hours – although for four days the tracker showed me to stuck at 40km!! A few days prior to the day, I had the opportunity to meet with Prince Harry when he opened the Marathon Expo.

I completed a further two events for a Treble Challenge including the London to Brighton Challenge and the Prudential ride London. I set up a website at slowdistancerunner.uk to describe my progress and I shall add to the site this year.

AJMB on Box Hill

The posts on this blog are intended to keep you up to date as I try to avoid the overwhelming temptation and my natural preference to sit on the sofa, drink cider and eat crisps!!

Thank you for visiting my site and you can find out about my physical and mental ramblings/